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Local businesses are heavily impacted by the Covid-19. We can save them together!

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Support local businesses and keep their revenue coming in!

Active campaigns

Restaurant "Kurhauzas"

Seeking 10'000€


Bar "Alaus namai"

Seeking 9'000€


Bar "BaraBaras"

Seeking 5'000€


How does it work?


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Plenty of small restaurants and cafeterias are struggling to make ends meet during Covid-19 outbreak. Some of them have decided to organize a campaign that would help them survive


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We offer repository for small local businesses where they can post their campaign and seek financial support from locals. In exchange, restaurants can offer discounts, complementary drinks or your name being written on the wall of fame...


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Donate small amount of money so your favorite restaurant can can survive this crisis

Are you a local business and need money to survive the crisis?

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Corporate partners and supporters

We are proud to have partners who are supporting local business. 



  • What is Localun?

    Localun is a new initiative created for the purpose of helping small businesses in the Baltics and the people running or working in those businesses survive the severe conditions and regulations enforced upon them because of the COVID-19 and are threatened of having to shut down or lay off their employees.

  • Who built this? And why

    We’re a group of professionals from different industries who came together contributing for faster recovery and better future of our region and economy by connecting local restaurants and coffee shops that need help and are open to donations and/or offer gift cards for purchase with mobilized force of loyal customers who want to help their local businesses to bounce back on their feet during the current time of hardship with the hopes that once the regulations on public places lessens, we will find our beloved local places open again.
    You can contact us with any questions about the site at gro.nulacol%40troppus

  • Why isn’t my favorite local business on your site?

    Please help us to add your favorite restaurant or coffee shop by directing them to register here

  • How else can I support our local businesses beyond donating or purchasing a gift card via Localun?

    Many restaurants and coffee shops still offer pickup and delivery options, even those that normally don’t offer these services. Therefore, check their websites or social media to see what options are available.

  • How do I know that my contribution is used for good reasons?

    We comply with regulations and check companies participating and will be following up with them regularly to make sure the money is used for recovering their business.

  • What happens if I buy a gift card from a restaurant or coffee shop that is permanently closed?

    With economic and social situation changing every day, many business owners are facing the decision to close permanently. While this is the time they need our support the most, Localun cannot guarantee that these businesses will reopen or refund gift cards if they are forced to close. We strongly encourage consumers to carefully review each gift card purchase and contact the businesses offering these gift cards for their terms and conditions before purchasing.